WOAT - Abuse / Dispose CDEP Digipack (EURO IMPORT)


Image of WOAT - Abuse / Dispose CDEP Digipack (EURO IMPORT)

WOAT (Worst Of All Time) is an heavy hc/pv band from Hessen, Germany since 2017. With ABUSE/DISPOSE WOAT release a 6-track EP, which further manifests the band's sound somewhere between HOMEWRECKER, XIBALBA or MAGRUDERGRIND.If you like blasts and mosh, this record will definitely put you in a bad mood!

►CD comes in a limited edition of 200 handnumbered Digipack!

1. Byproduct
2. Force Feed
3. Collapsing
4. Rattentreter
5. Bare Hooks
6. Udder

Released 13th March 2020 by Rising Nemesis Records