Texas Murder Crew - Everyone's Last Breath CDEP


Image of Texas Murder Crew - Everyone's Last Breath CDEP

Spearheading the Comatose Music summer offensive, Texas Murder Crew's ‘Everyone's Last Breath’ is genuinely unmissable for all brutal death metal addicts. Built upon the monstrous riffs of Kevin Clark (ex-Devourment), this album combines sickening brutality, unfathomable heaviness and remarkable songs. Seething sludge and screaming nightmares entwine to produce the sound of inhuman cruelty; a listening experience to leave you blood drunk and sated.

Tracklist :
1. Intro 01:39
2. Curse of Humanity 03:31
3. Destroy the Witness 04:09
4. Beneath My Feet 02:50
5. Everyone's Last Breath 04:19
6. Stronghold 01:29

Released August 7, 2020 by Comatose Music