Temple Guard - Spear Of The Revenant CD (JAPAN IMPORT)


Image of Temple Guard - Spear Of The Revenant CD (JAPAN IMPORT)

The 1st album of VEGAN EDGEMETAL band TEMPLE GUARD, which appeared like a meteor from the UK has made its' world debut via Retribute Records (Japan) !

It's no exaggeration to say that EUROPE's modern VEGAN STRAIGHT EDGE HARDCORE history has been colored by a new band formed by members of UK-produced xREPENTANCEx. With sharp single-note guitar riffs as the axis, the style that draws out the elements of 90's hardcore to the fullest is associated with keywords such as NEW SCHOOL, EDGE METAL, and FURY EDGE. Scott Crouse of EARTH CRISIS is in charge of the mastering, and the guest vocals are INTEGRITY, ABNEGATION, CULTURE, RACETRAITOR, RENOUNCED, MOURNING and other gorgeous members.

Without a doubt, this is a work that people who like 90's VEGAN STRAIGHT EDGE BAND such as ARKANGEL, DAY OF SUFFERING, EARTH CRISIS, and REPRISAL should listen to!

Tracklist :

1. Plaguebearer   
2. Disciples Of Vengeance     
3. اس گ​ن​ا​ه پ​ا​ک ک​ر​د​ن   
4. A Halo Above Horns   
5. Sermon For Retribution
6. Weltschmerz    
7. Evocatio 
8. Embrace Your End     

Recorded by Ian Boult at Stuck on a Name Studios, Nottingham, February 2022.

Mastered by Scott Crouse at Form IV Audio.

Eco-Defence 2022.

Artwork, music and lyrics by Temple Guard.
Logo by Richard Shiner.
Percussion manifested by Dan Hallam.

Guest vocals provided by: Dwid Hellion, Damien Moyal, Iggy Imig, Mani Mostofi, Roman Schnecker, Conor Hehir Max Bienkowski, Kieron Sullivan, Staffan Snitting, Faranak Rahimi, O.M., Jamie Frye, Sammy Urwin, Andrea Čengić, Alex Mahaki-Hashtari.