Sworn Veangence - My Friend Violence CD


Image of Sworn Veangence - My Friend Violence CD

Formed in the East Bay of California in 1998, Sworn Vengeance is a hxc/metal band that has toured both coasts of the US, released multiple albums, 7″s, splits and featured on numerous comps. SV decided to retire in late 2002, but got back together in 2007 for a reunion show in Reno, NV. Following another reunion show in December of 2010, SV decided to once again re-form with Brian, Ryan, Tony and Neil and have added Jon Frost from At Our Heels/Light This City to join them on bass and Keith Welch from Murder Practice/At Our Heels to join them on 3rd guitar.

In late July and October 2013, SV stepped into the studio for the first time in 10 years to record new material. Engineered by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, CA., Sworn Vengeance recorded 13 tracks, with 10 of them appearing on their new full length entitled “…And With This Hammer Of Vengeance”. This full length is out now on CD through Goodlife Recordings (EUR) and available on limited edition clear blue and standard black vinyl through Escapist Records. SV also has their own limited edition variant (clear with blood splatter) available through their Big Cartel site.