Image of Sunami - BBB Tracks CDEP (JAPAN IMPORT)

RETRIBUTE RECORDS have released a strictly Limited Edition Japan-only CD by the world-famous hardcore band SUNAMI from San Jose, California, where the hardcore scene is currently booming! The most energetic new-generation band that has members of notable bands such as GULCH, HANDS OF GOD, FIELD OF FLAMES, THESE STREETS, and is actively performing activities, and has toured not only the West Coast and the East Coast, but also EURO.

The band has released DEMO, EP, etc. so far and will actively start activities after 2021. Split with GULCH, and in 2022, released a single with 3 songs in the home country of America on VINYL/CASSETTE.

This time, 5 songs released from Triple-B Records, including the latest EP and Split songs, will be released on CD for the first time! 5 songs full of destructive power with technical and brutality, centering on metallic hardcore to death metal deathcore! Contains 5 songs including the cover Fake Blood of Californian deathcore legend ANIMOSITY!

1. Six
2. I Don't Care
3. Fake Blood
4. Die Slow
5. Step Up