Sudden Rage - Fire Up The Chainsaw CD


Image of Sudden Rage - Fire Up The Chainsaw CD

SUDDEN RAGE were formed in the winter of 2010 initially as a Beatdown Hardcore band, but the guys decided to switch genres and play something more powerful and evil ..... Slamming Brutal Death Metal !!!

A couple of songs that were written as Beatdown Hardcore were modified, altered radically, and reincarnated. In the band's short history there have been numerous line-up changes. On old videos from the live shows of Sudden Rage you can see such musicians as Artem Mikhaylyk (Divine Moments Of Truth), Leonid Kuvaldin (Cannibalistic Infancy ), Yury Oborin (Gorged Bile), Dmitry Koshkin (Distrust A. D.), Evgeny Dobro Shakirov (Guttural Decay, Vaginal Vomit, Human Decrepity, ex-Formaline, Morgue’s Child), Roman Pankov ( The Candle Of Jane) and Ivan Shirokov (Gorged Bile, Anal Grind)

The current line-up in 2017 is :
Dmitry “Ditrim” Koshkin (Guitar)
Yury Oborin (Gorged Bile) Bass
Ivan Shirokov (Anal Grind, Gorged Bile) Vocal
Evgeny Dobro Shakirov (Drums)

For fans of Kraanium, Vulvectomy, Devourment, Internal Devour, Epicardiectomy, Cephalotripsy & Internal Bleeding

Track Listing :

1. Fire Up The Chainsaw (Introduction)
2. Taste Of My Revenge
3. Pressure From The Insides
4. Violence Tender Affection
5. Torn Flesh Celestial
6. Face Of Dishonor
7. Virgin Body Desecration
8. Victim Of Depravity
9. Nobody Stays Alive

Released February 2017 by Sevared Records / Coyote Records