Stillbirth - Global Error CD


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STILLBIRTH - Global Error

German death metal band STILLBIRTH and Rising Nemesis Records join forces to release / distribute the new album “Global Error” together with Deafground Records. This full length is the follow up to their 2011 release “Endgame is near”. During their fifteen years of existing, STILLBIRTH has created a very unique style that gives them a distinct sound.

Twelve songs full of brutal,heavy riffs and extreme blasts and breaks awaits you. Brilliant sound and a 12 pages booklet featuring the artwork of Mottla is the result. In summer 2015 they are going to tour acrsoss USA together with PLACENTA POWERFIST and COGNITIVE.

Songs Written by Stillbirth.
Recorded And Mixed By Dominik König
Mastered By Eroc Of Eroc´s Mastering Ranch
released January 12, 2015