Spitfight - Ripped To Shreds CD Digipack


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After a long hiatus, the French demolition machine Spitfight is coming back with seven new songs. Members or ex-members of bands like Solstis, Overreact, Cold Steel, Onesta, Dirty Deep, Providence, 25 Ta Life, Mad At The World, The Negation Pyrecult or End Of Mankind. Heavier and more pissed off than before.

FFO: All Out War, Kickback, Arkangel, Length Of Time

Tracklist :

1. Cold Iron Grip 02:12
2. Breath Of Hate 02:31
3. Graves Await 03:58
4. Pascale 03:07
5. Ghost Minded 05:12
6. Torn Into Pieces 03:56
7. Phantom 04:41

Released June 6, 2020 by Mark My Words Records