Silence Equals Death - I'll See You On The Other Side CD


Image of Silence Equals Death - I'll See You On The Other Side CD

NJHC guys SILENCE EQUALS DEATH have teamed up with my great friends at Upstate Records NY to deliver this killer new album.

For the uninitiated, influenced by the likes of Most Precious Blood, Strife, and Terror, the New Jersey-based outfit has been putting out a steady flow of releases going back to 2012's Resurrection EP.

Silence Equals Death have now returned with "I’ll See You on the Other Side", a record featuring 6 new tracks, plus a remixed/remastered version of their aformentioned Revolution Rising collection.

Described by Mario (Upstate Records) in the following way: "Imagine Nuclear Assault and Judge were to produce an offspring." .... this is a pretty apt description !!!

Tracklist :

1. Switch 03:14
2. Sometimes Dead Is Better 02:25
3. Our Place In Time 01:55
4. Revolution Rising 02:41
5. No More Ashes 01:24
6. Signals 03:14
7. Pass The Torch 03:29
8. Killing Floor 02:29
9. Plague 02:56
10. Ghost 03:10
11. Traitor 02:53
12. Keep Trying 03:35

Released September 10, 2021 by Upstate Records

Listen here :