Severed Limbs - Collector Of Limbs CD


Image of Severed Limbs - Collector Of Limbs CD

The Highly anticipated 2nd full length CD from SEVERED LIMBS and is 100 x more brutal than the previous !!!

Featuring Rogga Johansson (Ribspreader, Revolting, Paganizer, Putrevore, etc..) SEVERED LIMBS is back to bring the mayhem once more. If you liked the first album you are gonna love this one, its more of everything. There's plenty of heaviness and utterly beastly parts, as well as groove and awesome solo work from K. Lynghaug (Grave). Rogga's songs and vocals are just as always, filled with the stench of the crypt! Once again mixed and mastered by R. Björnström at EAP Productions (Aeon, Beheaded, Paganizer), fucking sick, get this now!!!

Tracklist :

1. League of the Rotting 03:15
2. Removal of the Flesh 03:17
3. A Slow Descent into Rot 03:21
4. As the Coffin Swings Open 03:02
5. Collector of Limbs 03:45
6. Maggots in Meat 03:17
7. Hunted by Extreme Weather 03:06
8. Below an Unforgiving Sun 02:17
9. Walking Corpses 02:58
10. Disgusted with Humanity 02:14

Released July 2016 by Sevared Records