Severance - The Truth In Question CD


Image of Severance - The Truth In Question CD

Texas Brutal Death Metal veterans, Severance, return again with yet with another relentless, unadulterated bludgeoning of pulsatory pulverization. A maniacal meshing of intricacy, power, chaos and precision, The Truth in Question will satiate cravers of the extreme, both new and old. Never following bland trends, this band continues to unleash its unrestrained brand of crushing Brutal Death Metal, the way it is meant to be. Make no mistake; this is the real Severance. Find out for yourself

Tracklist :

1. Euthanized 04:11
2. Beyond Barriers 04:44
3. Internal Inferno 04:11
4. Marred Souls 05:47
5. Ambivalent Reflections 04:26
6. Ascension to Nowhere 01:28
7. Immune to Immorality 03:03
8. Marching over Blood / Samurai (Attomica cover) 04:28
9. Hum-unkind 04:46

Released February 2011 by Sevared Records