Sector - The Chicago Sector CD (JAPAN IMPORT)


Image of Sector - The Chicago Sector CD (JAPAN IMPORT)

The long-awaited 1st album by hardcore SECTOR from Chicago will be released from RETRIBUTE RECORDS!

In 2021, he released a single with two songs as a promo, and the album is finally completed while expectations are rising! SECTOR, which is active in Chicago, Illinois, was formed in 2019 and has members from various bands such as MH CHAOS, SHATTERED REALM, WARHOUND and HOLD MY OWN.

Even before last year's promo CD, the band is making rapid progress in the East Coast area while releasing various releases such as Demo, EP, and Split. The TUFF and GROOVY style, which incorporates the influence of East Coast hardcore such as NYHC and NJHC in the 90's centering on urban and street sounds with a strong Chicago-like local feel, includes a total of 8 songs that are the true value of this work. Two songs of The Chicago Sector Promo have been re-recorded with different versions.

The artwork is by Mr. END, a proud Japanese artist, and not only the recorded sound source but also the booklet is a hot finish!


1. The Chicago Sector
2. Writing On The Wall
3. The Swarm
4. Dying Memories
5. Incinerate
6. Boiling Red
7. Cold Day In Chicago
8. This Side Of The Dirt