Scarfold - We Shall Suffer CD

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Finally SCARFOLD (Montreal's heaviest export) are back with their brand new album "We Shall Suffer" !!!

If you thought their debut 2019 full length "Unstoppable" was violent then be prepared for the next level of brutally heavy in your face Hardcore !!!

Full of crushing riffs, crazy breakdowns, violent vocals & non-stop energy all round this album is sure be a standout for 2021 Hardcore releases

Tracklist :

01. Open Seizure
02. Rotting Earth
03. Born Decayed (Ft. Thaigo - Fucking Violence)
04. One With The Worms (Ft. Laurent - Nothing From No One)
05. Eat The Dead (Ft. Victoria - Peer Pressure)
06. Heart Failure
07. Suppressor
08. Spit On Hope

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