Putrid Pile - Revel In Lunacy CD


Image of Putrid Pile - Revel In Lunacy CD

Bursting out of the rusty cage of dormancy comes the sixth and most anticipated album release from Putrid Pile to date “Revel In Lunacy!”

This crushing masterpiece pushes the boundaries of extreme music like only Putrid Pile can do ! Morbid melodies and pure blasting sickness to melt the face off of any extreme metal fan guaranteed ! This amazing work of mad scientist art will be sure to be the only cure available in these trying times and as always will not only not disappoint, but become your favorite Putrid Pile release thus far hands down !

Tracklist :

1. Death Waits For No One 03:42
2. Devilish 03:32
3. Gore and More 03:05
4. Savage Lust For Blood 02:41
5. Cunt Kebab 00:36
6. Bonedigger 02:50
7. Fit Subject for a Murder 02:27
8. Half-Ghoul 01:41
9. Starving for Your Blood 03:41
10. No Rest for the Wicked 03:51
11. I'd Rather Have You Dead 04:56

Released May 11, 2020 by Sevared Records