Putrefied Cadaver - Wretched Times CD


Image of Putrefied Cadaver - Wretched Times CD


Listening to the disgusting album Wretched Times may cause a negative reaction towards the perception of human existence! We strongly advise you to exercise caution and get rid of everything that could be used as a weapon to cause injuries, homicide or suicide.

The picture that Wretched Times paints represents a crucified dictatorship with its history of mankind eradication, which has been kept secret. The church system greedily manipulates the minds of miserable people. The global ecclesiastic scam is soaring.

Putrefied Cadaver strikes its final blow against the infected brain of society, rooting out the sources of omnipresent chaos, laying them bare for the world to see.

Remember! The weight of your existence is petty and always favorable to someone else. Farewell!

Tracklist :

1. Wretched Times 03:39
2. Mourning Record 03:19
3. Fucking Tolerant Country 02:45
4. Kaleidoscope Of Violence 03:22
5. Bloodguns Bloodsounds 03:19
6. Adrenaline Of Sin 04:06
7. Corporal Torches 04:08
8. Church Criminal System 04:03
9. Worthless Life 05:02
10. Odiousness 05:13

Released April 10, 2020 by Amputated Vein Records