Probation - Fucked By Life CDEP Digipak


Image of Probation - Fucked By Life CDEP Digipak

Put a vocalist/bass player from the metal scene, a guitar player from the hardcore scene and a drummer from the punk/trash scene in a blender. That makes PROBATION !

The heaviness of Crowbar, the dark edge like Kickback, the nineties vibe of Machine Head and the speed like Terror.

PROBATION already did a NL clubtour together with No Turning Back, For I Am King and Deathtrap. PROBATION also did the Dutch support shows for Crowbar, Pro-Pain and Sacred Reich.

This EP ‘Fucked by Life’ is about to be unleashed upon society.
Crossing over between metalcore, stoner rock, hardcore and heavy metal PROBATION will rock the stages and take no prisoners!

Get ready for PROBATION!

1) Fucked By Life
2) Imperial Needle
3) Life Sucks Kill Yourself
4) Intermezzo
5) Wrong Answer
6) Religious Warzone

FOR FANS OF: Crowbar, Kickback, Machine Head, Terror