Primal Age - Masked Enemy CD Digipack


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PRIMAL AGE is representing a furious mix of metal & hardcore since 1993 and still going strong. With a lot of energy, passion and determination PRIMAL AGE is relentless in bringing a strong critical view on the ugly parts of nowadays society. Refusing to hold back on themes like defence of the animal rights, vegetarism, ecology, denunciation of overconsumption and abuse of power.

PRIMAL AGE is back in 2021 with a furious full length album ‘MASKED ENEMY’.
Focussed to make it their best effort so far the band worked with Guillaume Doussaud @ Swan Sound Studio, for recording. Mastering is done by Alan Douches @ West West Side Studio in New-York. The Artwork is entrusted to Visual Injuries who have been working for the band for several years and knows how to translate their music and lyrics into images.

CD version comes as a deluxe 6 panel digipack CD with UV spot finish on the cover and backside and is hand numbered (500 pcs).

01. Intro & Wise Old Man 4:24
02. The Devil Is Hidden In Shadow 3:12
03. Adolescent Humanity 2:22
04. The Two Heads Monster 03:16
05. Masked Enemy 03:14
06. I Warn You 03:14
07. The Downside Of Progress 01:09
08. Who Dares Wins 03:58
09. Passion vs. Fashion 03:16
10. Blinded By Cruelty 03:48
11. Awakening Of Consciousness 02:00