Placenta Powerfist - Parasitic Decay


Image of Placenta Powerfist - Parasitic Decay

Rising Nemesis Records proudly welcomes the Ruhrpott slamming machine PLACENTA POWERFIST. Representing a top-notch up-to-date brutal and agressive sound is what you can expect fromt he first full length “Parasitic Decay” which will be released 16th May 2014 via RNR. Ten heavy and very guttural tracks in the vein of Abominable Putridity, Cephalotripsy, Pathology and Internal Bleeding. Artwork by the mighty Mottla. Those guys will have a tolerably live activity after the release. You better keep an eye on the shows and check them live.

Line Up:

Andree Kress - Vocals
Adrian Budzyn - Guitar
Philipp Broscheit - Bass
Nils Corhsen - Drums

released June 12, 2014