Paura - Karmic Punishment CD Digipack (BRAZIL IMPORT)


Image of Paura - Karmic Punishment CD Digipack (BRAZIL IMPORT)

Get set for the latest chapter in the history of PAURA .... Established in 1995, Brazilian HC band PAURA are true legends of the Sao Paolo Hardcore Scene !!!!!!!

This new album "Karmic Punishment" is yet another great progression in their long & successful career and is sure to finally put them on the map worldwide where they rightly deserve to be !!

Tracklist :

1. Karmic Punishment 02:54
2. Last Response feat. Je Landini (Mee) 03:02
3. Retaliate feat. Anderson Silva (Undostais/Unshaken) 02:42
4. The City Is Ours 03:13
5. The Aftermath 02:16
6. We Won't Be Sold 02:43
7. Time Heals No Wounds feat. Felippe Max (Joker/True Force) 02:42
8. Deserve The Planet 02:21
9. No Face No Case 02:48
10. World To Be Free 03:03
11. Day Of Reckoning 02:37
12. XXV 02:17
13. Free Speech Is Not Hate Speech 04:27

Released July 3rd, 2023

Recorded by Thiago Bezerra at Mastery Studios and Canil Studios.
Edited and mixed by Thiago Bezerra at Madness Music Studios.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.
Produced by Paura.
Artwork by Alexandre Kool.
Photos by Mazzei and Ramon Mantuan.
All songs and lyrics by Paura.
Additional vocals in "Last Response" by Jê Landini (Mee).
Additional vocals in "Retaliate" by Anderson Nego (Undostais/Unshaken).
Additional vocals in "Time Heals No Wounds" by Felippe Max (True Force/Joker).