Paura - Integrity Dept (yellow vinyl 7')

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Hardcore music. Extreme. The limit. The wall after which there is no expression that denotes a higher intensity. The endpoint. PAURA: fear taken to its ultimate consequences. The fear we have of ourselves. Our endpoint.

Our end point begins in 1995.

Time when the hardcore music scene reviews some of the concepts of the old school, and lose the shame of admitting that the adolescents’ acnes of '80s metal left permanent marks on its face. The four original members played in other bands of the era: No-Violence, Kangaroos in Tilt and Garage Fuzz. In late 1996, the CD 'First Release' (Family Trust Records) comes out with seven songs, which were originally made for the demo-tape format. As almost all members were in their respective main bands, PAURA performed few, but memorable shows with this lineup. Watching a PAURA’s concert started to become something much anticipated by those who liked hardcore.

Soon the band felt the need for a second guitarrist, and this became the final drawing. From that point on, PAURA was a mission for five people.

In 1998, PAURA releases 'Reflex of Difference' (Conspiracy Chain Records). The second CD contained six new and three live songs, recorded at Goiânia Noise Festival (1997).

In 2002, the MCD The Myth is Dead (One Voice Records) announces activity. A new formation included founding member/ current guitarrist Rogério Rodontaro and current vocalist Fábio Prandini. This new team worked over a full year to regain the necessary intensity for a band to be considered active in the eyes of others. Three new songs and two versions paved the survival and showed that PAURA knows very well how to walk on its own feet. The good acceptance of that brought a new routine of shows.

In 2005, via One Voice Records, is released 'YOUKILLUSWEOVERCOME'. The first work in three years, the first with a number of songs never before recorded by PAURA, eleven. The band hits the road to promote the new album, with many concerts in Brazil and its first international tour in Chile and Argentina.

2006, the year that closes the first decade of life of PAURA turned out to be a year of great achievements. It’s the year that marks a new stage. The old guard welcomed new blood guitarrist Caio Lubliner. The release of a collection with the band's first three works in one CD, again through One Voice Records, crowns this 10-year path. More tours in Brazil, including support for Sick of It All, Madball, Terror, Throwdown and Walls of Jericho, as well as a new headliner South American tour.

Recorded and released in 2007, 'Reverse The Flow' is released by Liberation Records. It is the encounter of two veterans forces in a scene which bands, labels and 'till death' poses last only one summer. With 'Reverse The Flow', PAURA hits the road again, with highlights being the first European tour co-headlined with In Other Climes, in 2008, when the band played in nine countries, and a memorable performance for more than 20,000 people in Quitofest, Ecuador.

In 2010, the band celebrates 15 years with a new album, 'History Bleeds' (Travolta Discos). Recruiting longtime friend Danilo Fratangelo for bass was a fresh breath for the band. Soon after a sold out release show in Sao Paulo, the band leaves for its second European tour, playing at major underground festivals, such as Ieperfest in Belgium and Sucks' n Summer in Germany, sharing the bill with Agnostic Front, Converge, 7 Seconds, Madball, among many others.

The year of 2011 had a lot of activity, including the 'Scars of History European Tour', a mini-tour in Chile and the 'Still True in History Tour' in Brazil. At the end of the year, Paura welcomes one of the best heavy music drummers of South America: Fernando Schaefer.


Far beyond our endpoint.