Ophiocordyceps - Delusional Infestation of Mutated Pathogens CD


Image of Ophiocordyceps - Delusional Infestation of Mutated Pathogens CD

Italian Slamming Brutal Death Metal Band Ophiocordyceps 2nd CD !!!

Tracklist :

1. Bacterial contamination and overheating of the matter caused by the irreparabile alteration of dna 04:04
2. Infinite cerebral loop of neurotemporal cognition and organoleptic sensory loss 03:31
3. Prototype of Paragordius Tricuspidatus and of Spinochordodes Tellimii 03:48
4. Ekbom Syndrome 04:21
5. Atmospheric compression and saturation of pathogenic saprophytes 03:00
6. Partial decomposition and reconstruction of human tissues inhibited by the lack of organic carbon 02:51
7. Irreversible acid variation of the atmospheric composition and production of corrosive anhydrides for the human respiratory system 05:01
8. Excessive accumulation of mutagenic toxins and mental alteration of reality 04:37
9. Pollution proliferation 02:51
10. C35H48N8O11S 03:05

Released May 10, 2019 by Ghastly Music