Only Attitude Counts - Almost The End CD Digipack


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ALMOST THE END declares the 25 years band history of ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS and includes contributions of long time friends from RYKERS, PUNISHABLE ACT, LAST HOPE, ANTICOPS, PAYBACK RMHC, DEAFNESS BY NOISE, GROWING MOVEMENT and FULL SPEED AHEAD.

This album is OAC’s manifest dedicated to the never ending search for truth, for inner strength, for brotherhood and friendship. It is a call for critical thinking, for living life to the fullest. It spits back at a messed up society from street level. Never accepting defeat.

16 x powerful hardcore songs, each with its own twist, filled with energy and a thick production to make your speakers bleed! This one is for all ages, let’s make it last!!



01 No Justice – No Peace
02 Jumped The Shark
03 All Ages
04 Almost The End
05 Powertrap
06 Pick Your Side
07 The Mirror
08 Beyond The Limit
09 A Grasp At Fate
10 Above The Ignorance
11 My Agenda
12 Transform
13 The Sickness Of Our Times
14 Weather The Storm
15 Worship The Truth
16 Resilience