Oncology - Omniversal Antigenesis CD


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Oncology is a Brutal Death Metal band from the UK made up of Connor on guitars/bass, Doru on drums, and Geoff on vocals. The band released ‘Prelude to Oblivion’ a single in 2014 and then a demo in 2015 titled The Metastasis which was swiftly followed by the debut full-length Infinite Regress in 2016. The following year a further single title ‘Celestial Ruination’ and now is the time for the second full-length release.

Like the album, the band is happy slowing things down to trudge pace, whilst retaining that Brutal edge but they are also very happy using blast beats to increase the damage caused. This versatility is something that helps to prevent the tracks all merging together, something that can happen with some Brutal Death tracks.

"Omniversal Antigenesis" also includes special guest slots as Tom from Twitch of the Death Nerve joins the party on vocals for ‘Tumultuous Echoes of Punished Humanity’ and Chris of Internal Bleeding fame adds a solo on ‘Transdimensional Blood Orgies In Overture’.

This second album by Oncology is a killer from start to finish, it is a fantastic example of top-level Brutal Death Metal and the combination of deep groove with twisted riffs along with a stunning drum and drum tone and that vocal that is beastlike, really is a joy to hear. "Omniversal Antigenesis" is a must-hear for any fan of Brutality.

Tracklist :

1. Expulsion into the Human Psyche 02:43
2. Celestial Ruination 03:30
3. Ravagers of Synaptic Cruelty 03:15
4. Virions in the Exosphere 03:46
5. Liturgies etched in Blood 04:30
6. Tumultuous echoes of punished Humanity 02:47
7. Omniversal Antigenesis 02:27
8. Moscovium 02:26
9. Transdimensional Blood Orgies In Overture 03:46

Released July 17, 2020 by Rising Nemesis Records