Nothing From No One - The Painful Truth CDEP


Image of Nothing From No One - The Painful Truth CDEP

Nothing From No One (NFNO) was born in south of France in January 2014 under the influence of Styx (vocals), Barney (guitars), Lorenzo (bass) and Ben (drums), ex-members of Eyeless, Enkindle and Detoxed.

NFNO’s sound is Hardcore New School, aggressive, efficient and without concessions.

After a few gigs supporting : Hoods, Merauder, Get The Shot, Worst, Knuckledust, In Other Climes … the band entered the studio in February 2015 to put together their first Ep, 2 songs soberly entitled « N.F.N.O. » (Produced by David Fantoni at the Inner Sound Studio).

Axel joined the group as second guitarist at the end of this year. A second Ep entitled « The Painful Truth » (Produced by Tristan Haillot at the Grand’Ma Studio) was released on April 21th 2017.