Nothing From No One - The Painful Truth CDEP Digipack

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Nothing From No One (NFNO) are a metallic Hardcore band from the Montpellier region in the South of France who were formed in January of 2014 by ex-members of bands such as Eyeless, Enkindle and Detoxed. The original lineup was Laurent “Styx” on vocals, with Barney on guitar, Lorenzo on bass and Ben behind the kit on drums.

NFNO’s sound is easily described as ultra aggressive, pissed off yet meaningful heavy Hardcore with new school elements that is very riff driven drawing influence from everything from 80’s thrash metal to modern Beatdown styled Hardcore. Another word that fits tem well is uncompromising !!!

Having shared the stage with the likes of Soulfly, Hoods, Merauder, Get The Shot, Worst, Knuckledust & In Other Climes throughout their time as well as countless local shows & festivals NFNO are a dedicated & driven bunch of guys who really do strive for perfection in both their live performances as well as song writing & musicianship.

The band first entered the studio in February 2015 to put together a 2 track Demo EP simply titled “N.F.N.O.” which was produced by David Fantoni at the Inner Sound Studio. Following on from this they then went to work on their brilliant 6 track EP “The Painful Truth” that was recorded, mixed & mastered at the Grand’Ma Studio by Tristan Haillot in 2016 and released as a very professional CDEP Digipack on April 14th of 2017. This release featured some great guest vocal features by Danny (Angel Crew), Tristan (Weaksaw), Vince (Alea Jacta Est) & Thiago from Brazilian HCSP powerhouse Worst rounded it out !!!

After original drummer Ben left the band in December 2017 they started looking for replacements & eventually found a perfect fit, recruiting extremely talented young gun Marvyn in the early part of 2018 to fill that vacant spot. Axel then joined the band as a second guitarist to add more grunt to their already crushing sound, further strengthening the already solid lineup & creating a far more powerful live sound !!!

Around May of 2018 NFNO signed a deal with Australian record label 10-54 Records who also boast quality label mates such as Companion (Austria), Paura (Brazil) and Aussie heavyweights such as Capital Enemy, Crowned Kings, Taken By Force, Rust Proof & Southpaw. Recently added to this already strong roster are US bands Built For Battle (NY) & Down To This (NC) so NFNO are stoked to be a part of this growing Hardcore family moving forward !!!!

NFNO are currently putting the finishing touches to the new tracks for their debut full length album scheduled for release by 1054 Records in early 2019 …. Be prepared for this next chapter of violence which promises to be ground breaking for the band with this new material showing massive progression in song writing & musicianship.

NFNO are set to lay waste to all that stands before them by delivering skull crushing riffs accompanied by powerful sledge hammer beats & Styx’s brand of aggressive anger filled vocals tops it off to create a perfect storm of mayhem ….. So if you get a chance, make sure to catch them on stage to fully experience what NFNO have to offer !!!