Never Ending Game - Just Another Day CD


Image of Never Ending Game - Just Another Day CD

Yet again DETROIT have produced another seriously great heavy Hardcore band in Never Ending Game !!!! These guys very comfortably take a seat alongside the likes of Cold As Life, Smash Your Enemies, xTyrantx & Ante Up in terms of delivering heavy as fuck, super aggressive pissed off Hardcore straight from the streets.

"Just Another Day" is easily one of the best HC releases of 2019 so congrats to Boston based label Triple B Records for releasing this absolute banger !!!

This is the special Japanese Edition released by Retribution Records & contains a *bonus track not on the US pressing.

Tracklist :

1. Evil Minds
2. Puppet
3. Just Another Day
4. God Forgives...
5. N.E.G Jams
6. Bleeding
7. Stolen Life
8. Cemetary Dream
9. Everyday I Hate
10. 1 Of Those Nights
11. Jokes On You *

Released 11 October 2019