Mourning - Disenlightenment CD (JAPAN IMPORT)


Image of Mourning - Disenlightenment CD (JAPAN IMPORT)

Metallic hardcore band MOURNING's long-awaited 1st album released from RETRBIUTE RECORDS! Since forming the band in 2017, they have constantly released numerous demo tapes, mini-albums, sound source collections, etc., and performed at famous American hardcore festivals such as FYA FEST. Complete! In the US, the VINYL version will be released from STREETS OF HATE, and the CD will be released from RETRIBUTE only in Japan! There are only bands that symbolize the current UK scene, and members of the new generation UKHC such as DESPIZE, DEKLINATION, DEMONSTRATION OF POWER, and RENOUNCED are also enrolled. Based on the influence of classic hardcore such as 90's NYHC ~ EURO EDGE METAL, the sharp and evil world view that strongly pushed out metal elements such as death metal and black metal accelerated with each work. A total of 8 must-listen songs that have reached the level of true value!


Tracklist :

1. Disenlightenment
2. Cancer Incarnate
3. Non Future Decree
4. Unhonoured Prophecy
5. Tyranny Of Guilt
6. Desert Of The Spirit
7. Foreboding
8. Grievance Ascends