Missing Link - No Saving Grace CDEP Digipack (EURO IMPORT)


Image of Missing Link - No Saving Grace CDEP Digipack (EURO IMPORT)

MISSING LINK finally released from Long Island New York! DEMO CDR was released from RETRIBUTE RECORDS (Japan) but this killer EP just dropped via DeathFarm Records (Belgium) with 6 crushing new songs !

Strictly Limited Edition pressing so these will not last long & once sold out not able to be restocked so get in while you can !!!!

Made up of band members from PAIN OF TRUTH, OUT FOR JUSTICE, WORLD OF PAIN, BURIED DREAMS, SEPARATED & BROOKSITE this is hard as nails TUFFGUY/BEATDOWN HARDCORE with the influence of IRATE, ALL OUT WAR, STOUT, CROWBAR, COLD AS LIFE, etc. is perfect, and there are many BEATDOWN parts that drop down to the villainous vocals! Hard content reminiscent of LINE OF SCRIMMAGE, SWEAR 2 GOD, BROOKSITE, WORLD OF PAIN, VOW OF HATRED, CINDERBLOCK! KING NINE, CITIZEN, FULL OF HELL and many other guests will participate!

Tracklist :

1. Unchained
2. Impulse
3. Dark Passenger
4. Plaster House
5. Psalms To Stone
6. Third And Other