Lypektomy - Slamerican Dream CD


Image of Lypektomy - Slamerican Dream CD

Are you haunted by the deranged nature of serial killers? From Europe slamming brutal death metal band Lypektomy comes their first full-length record "Slamerican Dream". With 8 tracks of slamming guttural Brutality splattered with dirty blast beats and groovy stabs, all the lyrics are serial killers quotes that will chill you to the bone...

Featuring Mats from Kraanium, Diphenylchloroarsine, Guttural Engorgement and Pornyhake from Porifice, Cakewet, Enoid...

For fans of Devourment, Epicardiectomy, Cephalotripsy, Sect of Execration, Dehumanized and Prophecy!

Murder is not about lust and it’s not about violence. It’s about possession...

Tracklist :

1. Teabagged For Breakfast 04:09
2. Dipping Sauce Deepthroat 04:21
3. I Drank From The Stump And Ejaculated 03:06
4. Sexual Intercourse With The Dead 03:52
5. Spooned At Birth 04:41
6. Pedophagia 03:01
7. Cumfederation From Hell 04:40
8. Don't Fuckin' Mess With Mustache Guys 05:03

Released November 8, 2019 by Amputated Vein Records