Life Of Crime - Street Gospel CD (US IMPORT)


Image of Life Of Crime - Street Gospel CD (US IMPORT)

Hailing from the legendary Ohio metallic hardcore scene that spawned such notables as Ringworm, Integrity and Chimaria, the LIFE OF CRIME gang proudly carries the Ohio torch with conviction. Forming in 2021, LIFE OF CRIME’s heavy style of metallic hardcore has already propelled them as an emerging powerhouse along side their brothers in arms, Sanguisugabogg.

LIFE OF CRIME brings their brand of gritty Ohio street music to masses with their new release, Street Gospel. With featured guest vocal spots by Devin of Sanguisugabogg (Century Media) for their first single, Little Bitch, and followed up with Camden of D-Bloc (Unbeaten Records) on Our Demise, LIFE OF CRIME’s Street Gospel is set and aimed within in the cross-hairs of the metal and hardcore scene at large.

Tracklist :
1. Crime Wave 01:22
2. Little Bitch ft Sanguisugabogg 01:34
3. Before the Gravel Falls 02:16
4. Our Demise ft. D-Bloc 02:04
5. Love Hurts 03:05
6. Seek Revenge 02:02
7. Trenches 02:03
8. Ohio On Top 01:41

Released September 2nd 2022 by Upstate Records