Leukorrhea - Evolution Through Rape CD


Image of Leukorrhea - Evolution Through Rape CD

"Evolution Through Rape" is the long awaited 3rd album from Cape Cod's violent brutal Death Metal band Leukorrhea !!!

Ranging from Old School Brutal Death Metal to modern Technical Brutal Death Metal you can expect tons of shredding riffs, plenty of blast and gravity beats & a slue of fast and guttural vocals that will keep anyone into sick Death Metal listening. Most of the songs involve, a scenario about rape, murder, and just good old sexual fun !!! Bring on the SICKNESS !!!

Tracklist :

1. Evolution Through Rape 05:03
2. God of Sin 04:19
3. Sexicidal Mastication 04:01
4. Pleasures of Eternal Pain 04:09
5. Necro-Nymphomaniac 03:53
6. Immortal Fornication 04:03
7. Whorenstein 03:15
8. Sexually Transmitted Genocide 04:08
9. Paid to Be Raped 04:57
10. A Sexual Deviant Lies Within a Lycanthropic Transmogrification 05:56
11. Hypnotic Homicide 02:54
12. Serenity After Agony 04:22

Released June 2016 by Sevared Records