Kulan Gath - Kulan Gath CDEP


Image of Kulan Gath - Kulan Gath CDEP

KULAN GATH debut MCD by the UKHC powerhouse consisting of current- and ex-members of bands like Dead Man's Chest, Death Warrant & Absorption. An unrelenting mix of old school (death)metal, hardcore and beatdown... or as they say it: AK47Core!


Tracklist :
1. First Law 03:37
2. Blood Of The Serpent 03:10
3. The Veil and the Void 02:24
4. This Is The Way 02:46
5. Liverum Arbitrium 03:14

Released August 5th 2022 by Mark My Words Records

Co-Released with Bound By Modern Age Records (Germany).