Inferia - Fistament CD


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INFERIA – Extreme Grindcore pionieers from Finnland are ready to unleash their latest output “Fistament” through Rising Nemesis Records

Are you ready for total blasting prono grindcore from Scandinavia?
25 Years of pure brutality for fans of Nasum, Napalm Death, Gadged etc.

Inferia will be touring South America and finish their Tour in June @ the legendary Las Vegas Death Fest.


The long-line veteran INFERIA from Lahti is formed in 1989 and is one of the original Finnish death-grind bands, basing their own grindcore on bands such as mighty Napalm Death and North American death metal bands Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and Malevolent Creation. Mixing it all up with some death / hardcore influences and love lyrics, the band fucked their own unique style, now known as 'porndeath-grind'.

The band evolved its sound and content through the early years, and they consider “Release for burial orgies” (2005) as their first album of the new era. INFERIA started touring again in Europe. In 2009 INFERIA is celebrating 20-years and was promoting that... more
released March 1, 2014