In Demise - Conjuring Dystopia CDEP Digipack


Image of In Demise - Conjuring Dystopia CDEP Digipack

In Demise return in 2020 with a four track EP “Conjuring Dystopia” four years after the release of the second album “Behold A Pale Sky”.

In Demise started up in 2005 in Berlin and played shows, tours and festivals all over Europe and Germany. Some of the band members are also known from Sinners Bleed, Ancst, Pighead, Cerebric Turmoil, Requital, Orphan Playgournd Sniper, and Intravenous Contamination.

FFO: Gorgasm, Suffocation, Inveracity, Defeated Sanity and Revulsed

Tracklist :

1. Conjuring Dystopia 03:40
2. In Denial 02:51
3. The Process Of Recovery 03:38
4. The Arsonist's Playbook 03:45

Recorded by David Kögler & In Demise
Mixed & Mastered by TsunTsun Productions

Artwork by Pedro Sena - Lordigan
Layout by Franziska Lemmor
Logo by Malevolent Icons Logos by: Steve Crow
Band photo by Obscenery Films

Released October 29, 2020 by Rising Nemesis Records