Illmatic - Watching The World Burn CD (US IMPORT)

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Image of Illmatic - Watching The World Burn CD (US IMPORT)

Formed in the summer of 2021, ILLMATIC have exploded upon the Detroit music scene with their brand of crossover hip hop / heavy hardcore, reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine, Downset and Biohazard !!!

Blending heavy groovy riffs with a strong rhythm bass and drum foundation, ILLMATIC imparts the right balance for lyrical flows that weave between traditional hip hop and heavy hardcore delivery that culminates in an unrelenting, aggressive head bob from start to finish.

ILLMATIC is locked and loaded, firing on all cylinders with their edgy new release, Watch The World Burn brought to you via NY's Upstate Records.

J Meller - Vocals,
Dan Bruce - Bass,
Bill Causey - Guitar,
Casey Hulsted - Drums

Tracklist :
1. Downfall 03:01
2. Rat Traps (ft Aztek the Barfly) 03:33
3. Since Day One 02:37
4. Price of Life 02:15
5. Trife Life 02:56
6. Supreme (ft. Guilty Simpson) 03:10
7. Apply Pressure 02:26
8. Strictly Business 02:48
9. Watch the World Burn 03:25
10. No Justice No Peace 03:03

Lyric credit: Jason Meller
Music credit: Jason Meller, Bill Causey, Dan Bruce, Casey Husted
Recorded by: Josh Ford -Motor City Josh
Produced By: Illmatic
Mastered by: Jim Kissling
Cover Art: Juan Barrenechea Villegas
Photo credit: Papo Cruz Envysion Ent.

Released February 24, 2023 by Upstate Records