I Am Revenge - RVNG CD


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I AM REVENGE was formed in the end of 2010 out of former members from D.T.A., Badge Of Apathy, Count On Pride, Between Love and Madness and Constellations. After gaining some experience in their older projects, I AM REVENGE now meets the challenge to get something new, more adult and brute going.

So I AM REVENGE is characterized by a deep and brutal guitar riffing, an explosive drum sound, a booming bass and monstrous vocals. (Metal Hammer says : „…the squad from Hamburg fulfills it’s job more than professional.“ And „…because there is definitely genre attendance on an high international level.“)

But I AM REVENGE don’t just convince the listener via CD by solid work on their instruments, every live show is a peerless experience! With apparently never ending energy I AM REVENGE convince on small floorshows as well as on enormous stages they could share with many other bands throughout the past 3 years. Crowd movement is guaranteed!

In teeth of the quite negative undertone the music communicates, the boys never lose their positive attitude and their roots in the hardcore scene, which once led them to heavy music.

After releasing the EP „INVINCIBLE“ as a free download in the early 2011, they finally placed their debut album „PIT JUSTICE“ on the market through „Swell Creek Records“ on the 17th of August 2012. On the 21st of Febuary they released their second album “Red Gold” under the leadership of Bauke De Groot and Swell Creek Records again.

In (early) 2016, I AM REVENGE signed to Leipzig-based label Beatdown Hardwear where their third full length, "RVNG“, was released in April 2016.