Grankapo - Confessions CD


Image of Grankapo - Confessions CD

Hailing from Lisbon, Portugal GRANKAPO is a old old project with a all new pack of inspiration mixed with the old roots of hardcore. Tha dialema was brought up to light in 2006, counting with full experienced hardcore members who have hardcore in their lives. As fast as it started, the band created a unique form of agressive , powerful Hardcore style.

FFO Madball, Terror, Death Before Dishonor, Agnostic Front

Tracklist :

1. Rise
2. Man Killing Man
3. Back To Hell
4. Last Mistake
5. Who Are You Now
6. It Lives In Me
7. Confessions
8. 3 Words
9. Life Goes On
10. My Son
11. Look At Me
12. For Once In Your Life

Released 2008 by Hellxis Records!