Gorevent - Fate CD

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Ushering in a new age of primitive savagery come Japanese slam kings Gorevent. New album ‘Fate’ is the sound of humanity come full circle, ending in blood and darkness as we began. Remorseless riffs, blunt force trauma rhythm battery and animalistic vocals - no thought, no feeling, no empathy... just base brutality. Driven by relentless hunger and primal instinct, ‘Fate’ will be unleashed on February 7th. Treasure the trappings of civilization while you can, because the end is nigh.

Tracklist :

1. Confront 02:50
2. Justice 02:38
3. Keep it Tightening 03:03
4. Swell 03:11
5. Energies 03:13
6. Round 13 02:35
7. Fate 04:09
8. Day to Head (Bonus Track) 03:12

Released February 7, 2020 by Comatose Music