Get Some ! - Freaky, Filthy, Frustrated CDEP Digipak


Image of Get Some ! - Freaky, Filthy, Frustrated CDEP Digipak

Back in 2012 Jos, Sander & Sven turned the amps back on. They realised the itch needed to be scratched. After years of strumming in former hardcore punk bands as I-Reject & Brothers in Blood, the boys got together for a new project ‘GET SOME!’. Fusing the frustrated, the freaky and the filthy.

GET SOME serves fast paced crushing hardcore with a strong Cro-Mags vibe.
Their no bullshit attitude and uncompromising style hits like a steaming train and leaves you begging for more.

Just come and GET SOME!

1) End Alone
2) Yourself
3) Don’t Bother
4) Hope
5) Freaky, Filthy, Frustrated

FOR FANS OF: Slapshot, Cro-Mags, Blood for Blood, Kickback, 90’s hard-core, punk & metal