Get Some! - .... And Then You Die CD Digipack


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GET SOME! serves fast paced crushing hardcore, not for the weak of heart.
Their no bullshit attitude and uncompromising style hits like a steaming train and leaves you begging for more.

After their debut EP ‘Freaky, Filthy, Frustrated’ released in 2018 on WTF Records, GET SOME have now unleashed a brand new full length album ‘... And Then You Die’ which is 10 raging and banging hardcore songs like only GET SOME can deliver. Released by WTF Records in a 6 panel Digipack

Just come and GET SOME!

FOR FANS OF: Kickback, Merauder, Blood For Blood, Slapshot, Cro-Mags, , Napalm Death, Type O Negative

Tracklist :

1. United Dead
2. Cry for Love
3. Bleed Alone
4. Through The Wall
5. Your Truth
6. Down on the Floor
7. You Said
8. …And Then You Die!
9. Sleep Forever
10. On The Run (bonus track)

Released March 23rd 2022