Gangrectomy - Rotting In Absolute Hatred CDEP


Image of Gangrectomy - Rotting In Absolute Hatred CDEP

Gangrenectomy’s Italian rotten sickness come back with some more head-bashing ridiculously brutal shit to blast your ears and annihilate once again any form of decency and sanity.

“Cannibalistic Criteria of the Mantis” and “Rotting in Absolute Hatred” is the new combo release of the band, consisting respectively of a full-length album and of a EP both to be released in 2020. These new jewels of ruthless splatter and inhuman psychosis are a turning point for the band in so that this time, an additional (Amputated) Vein of fast schizophrenic frenzy is added to the rotting sound cauldron of the band.

Gangrenectomy’s back, and they’re creepier and sicker than before with visions of blind and mentally numb blasting guttural violence. Join this motherfucking carousel of bonebreaking, depravity and dignity-extirpation by supporting the band, fucking blasting it on whatever kind of device you actually own, and possibly running it while masturbating on pornhub.

Tracklist :

1. A Sinister Inception 03:17
2. Cephalic Defilement 02:23
3. Worldwide View Of Impaled Humanity 03:08

Released April 10, 2020 by Amputated Vein Records