Fury Of Five - Half Past Revenge CDEP (US IMPORT)


Image of Fury Of Five - Half Past Revenge CDEP (US IMPORT)

NJHC heavyweights FURY OF FIVE are fucking back !!!!

After a 23-year hiatus from the New Jersey Hardcore Scene, Fury of Five have returned in brutal fashion. With the original front line and a new drummer, they hit the stage in their hometown of Asbury Park, NJ in June of 2022 with a sold-out event.

Wasting no time, the band hit Landmine Studios with engineer/producer Len Carmichael to work on this epic new release....... this 5 song EP titled “Half Past Revenge” just dropped via Upstate Records (NY) with tracks like “Revenge Doesn’t Sleep” and “W.A.R.” (We Are Ready), Fury of Five are picking up right where they left off in 1998.

Taking respect since 1994 and still relevant in the music scene today, the Fury of Five catalog is an arsenal of angry venom. From “No Reason to Smile”, “At War With The World” and “This Time It’s Personal” to the upcoming “Half Past Revenge”, this New Jersey hardcore outfit knows how to blend reality with metal, hip hop and attitude.

FURY OF FIVE (2023) are :
James “Stikman” Ismean (Vocals)
Jay Fury (Guitar)
Chico Violencia (Guitar)
Mike Terror (Bass)
Mikey Mayhem (Drums)

Tracklist :
1. W.A.R. (We Are Ready) 02:26
2. Feel the Reign 03:22
3. Revenge Doesn't Sleep 01:53
4. Souls in the Soil 04:32
5. Taste the Steel 03:16

Released March 3, 2023 by Upstate Records

Lyric credit: Stikman
Music credit: Fury of Five
Recorded by: Len Carmichael
Produced By: Len Carmichael/Fury of Five
Mastered by: Len Carmichael
Cover Art by: Juan Primal