Fallbrawl - Brotherhood CD EP


Image of Fallbrawl - Brotherhood CD EP


What started in 2005 with the Demo „After Longing Ache” became a unit of floordestruction. FALLBRAWL! A Band for around 10 years now are well known in the national and international Scene. Despite several lineup changes, which could be explained by the high number of shows and tours, the Band is still alive and presents one of the toughest live shows in the German scene.
Their very first release “Cold world” in 2008 was the purpose the Band played nearly every stage in the European Hardcore scene. FALLBRAWL who already shared the stage with Bands like Behemoth, Terror and Walls of Jericho, also did a US run and several European tours. Through the hard work and also the long friendship with Toni from BDHW Records the Band became a main part of the BDHW Family and thus label Partners like Nasty, Rykers or Twitching Tongues (now Metal Blade Records).
Their second Release „Pure Mayhem“ in 2012 finally gave FALLBRAWL an even more push to play bigger shows like the Persistence Tour, Beach Rock Festival or the Destruction Derby. Only one Year after „Pure Mayhem“ BDHW announced their next Release. “Brotherhood” came out in 2013 and was the perfect combination out of the existing outputs