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EXPLICIT SILENCE are a brutal metallic Hardcore band from France who have been active since 2002 & one of the newest additions to the 1054 roster with their 5th album due late 2020 !!!

False Supremacy, their 4th offering, was unleashed in September 2018 & delivers serious riff driven metallic Hardcore that is sure to crush you get you moving around wanting to punch holes in your walls !!! Track # 4 "What Defines Me" has a special guest vocal feature by legendary NYHC heavyweight Gary Meskill of PRO-PAIN which as expected is killer !!!

They have shared the stage with many bands over their years including MUMAKIL, NOSTROMO, FIRST BLOOD, THE ARRS, ULTRA VOMIT, DO OR DIE, INSIDE CONFLICT, GRONIBAR, PRIMAL AGE & FOR THE GLORY through dates in France, Belgium & Spain .

Their current lineup consists of Paul (vocals), Pierre and Bruce (guitars), Devy (bass) and Rudy (drums).

Their influences ranging from HATEBREED or CATARACT are easily felt for the solid and impressive metal side, combined with energy and efficiency and surgical precision on stage reminiscent of MADBALL, TERROR, FULL BLOWN CHAOS, FIRST BLOOD or TO KILL.

Full discography :

Nothing Lasts Forever - March 2004
Face Your Demons - June 2011
Condemned To Struggle - March 2016
False Supremacy - September 2018