Eternal Ruin - Decomposing Salvation CD


Image of Eternal Ruin - Decomposing Salvation CD

Eternal Ruin is the supreme killing machine from the east coast, brings the murderous first full length with pummeling blasting riffs, unique and slamming breakdowns, that leave the listener paralized and feeling violated.

Mastered by Scott Hull (Visceral Sound), layout design by Joel Sta (Arsebreed / ex-Pyaemia), cover art by Jon Zig, Jason Netherton (Misery Index) appeared on lyrics and vocals of "Infection of the times". No reason that you don't try to get this!

Tracklist :

1. Creature of Habit 02:53
2. Decomposing Salvation 03:37
3. Human Toll 02:58
4. Perpetual Deviance 03:41
5. Sanctions Of Disbelief 03:29
6. Target Of Reprisal 03:07
7. Excreting Hate 02:49
8. Infection Of The Times 02:37
9. Enemy Within 01:50
10. Violence In Epic Proportions 03:24

Released June 30, 2006 by Amputated Vein Records