Enemy Mind - Killer Beef CDEP Slipcase (US IMPORT)


Image of Enemy Mind - Killer Beef CDEP Slipcase (US IMPORT)

Pittsburgh´s ultimate weapon of massive destruction returns with five new bombs. The band delivers again an outstanding mix of Steel City Beatdown, heavy Hardcore and Death Metal somewhere between NO RETREAT, LINE OF SCRIMMAGE, VOW OF HATRED, DYING FETUS, WORLD OF PAIN and INTERNAL BLEEDING.

Released April 19, 2019

Recorded at Cerebral Audio
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Shane Mayer
Produced by Andy Kichi and Greenfield Mike
Album Art by Jerry Beck
Album Layout by Mark Bogacki
Gang Vox by Enemy Mind, Jason Hominsky, Scott Dallas, and Matthew Dallas

All Music Written by Andy Kichi
Lyrics Written by Greenfield Mike, Jason Hominsky, and Pelbu

Enemy Mind is
Andy Kichi - Guitar
Greenfield Mike - Vox
Mark Bogacki - Bass
Joe Ondo - Guitar
Kevin Coleman - Drums