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Danish hardcore band from southern Jutland. The band was startet in 2008 by Freese, Denning, Berlin and Mølle.

One year later they released the debut album "the world is yours" through independent label "schizophrenic inc." and in 2010 the "Play your cards" EP was released, also on "schizophrenic inc."

Late 2010 the EYS decided that it was time for something new, and brought in a second lead vocal, "Jelle", who has been part of the band ever since.

In August 2012 EYS hit the JBO sound studio, to record their 2nd full length "DFL", (first album with two singers) which was released in the autumn of 2012.

Early 2013 Jelle decided to leave the EYS, who will continue as the original four piece band.

In 2014 EYS will release a new 7" "Relentless" followed by a European tour in July.

Earn Your Scars is known for a solid mix of oldschool style fast paced hardcore, with hard groove parts and heavy breakdowns, as well as energetic partyfuled liveshows.