Dying - No Mercy For Us CD


Image of Dying - No Mercy For Us CD

Long awaited and highly anticipated 2nd full length album by the Spanish band Dying. Eight songs of devilish riffs, intense bursts and dark melodies. The cover is made by Juanjo Castellano, referent in the world of death metal album covers. Brutal Death Metal with old school vibes "No Mercy For Us" will not let you down.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Seville during 2016 by Neburzone pro.

Tracklist :

1. From Chrysalis to Worm 04:48
2. Stop Breathing 05:24
3. Pu-239 05:13
4. Arrival of Decadence 04:26
5. Torturer God 05:35
6. Humans 04:53
7. Chronicles of Insanity 05:41
8. Throne of Lies 04:45

Released April 2017 by Sevared Records