Downshot - Endgame CD Digipack (EURO IMPORT)


Image of Downshot - Endgame CD Digipack (EURO IMPORT)

DOWNSHOT existed from 1995 till 2004 and was part of the M-Town Rebels hardcore scene. Over the years Downshot shared band members with the likes of Pikkatrillaz, Backfire, Angel Crew and One Night Stand, among others. Downshot was one of the first Eurocore bands to combine hardcore with metal and rap.

By Early 2023 the OG line-up completed 14 blistering hardcore tracks that masterfully combine that mid-90’s Eurocore sound with metal and rap, the way it was done back then but with a modern hardcore feel. DOWNSHOT has been unleashed once again!!

Coming in a slick 6 panel Digipack with booklet & limited to 300 hand numbered copies c/o WTF Records (NL)

Tracklist :

1. Where are you?
2. Payback’s a Bitch
3. Unleashed
4. Sore
5. Endgame
6. Diamond
7. Rika’s Angels
8. Void
9. Streets of Terror
10. Brightside
11. Inner Rage Pt. 2
12. March of the Innocent
13. See the Light
14. Outro

Released 17/3/2023 by WTF Records