Dominate - You Ain't Nothing CD


Image of Dominate - You Ain't Nothing CD

One of the best kept secrets in the Japanese heavy Hardcore and Beatdown scene have finally launched their full-length debut on Filled With Hate Records.

Founded back in 2004 within the Tokyo SOSF 59 Hardcore family besides bands like CREEPOUT, NUMB and ROCKCRIMAZ the band released so far two demos (2006 and 2014) and a MCD via BOWL HEAD Inc. (JP) with the title "Just chillin´ at the backyard".

After more than a decade playing a hell of shows including an appearance at Summer Of Hate Festival 2011 in the USA, DOMINATE finally drop their first full record. Paying total tribute to the mid-90´s East Coast heavy Hardcore scene, "You ain´t nothing" sounds like a sick Asian bastard of bands like BILLYCLUB SANDWICH, CROWD DETERRENT, NEXT STEP UP, BULLDOZE, STOUT and EVERYBODY GETS HURT.