Disfigurement Of Flesh - Deity Of Hideous Fertility CD


Image of Disfigurement Of Flesh - Deity Of Hideous Fertility CD

Monolithic slamming brutality from the depths of Russia finally coming! The third full-length album called "Deity Of Hideous Fertility" will devour your mind and immerse you into the atmosphere of absolute sufferings. Get ready for devastating guitars riffs, blasting drums and insane guttural voice!

For all fans of Epicardiectomy, Devourment and Gorevent!

Mixing and mastering by Tsun Tsun Productions with sick cover art by Alex Tartsus!

Tracklist :

1. In The Depths Of Suffering 01:38
2. Disastrous External Rudiment 04:21
3. Deity Of Hideous Fertility 04:27
4. Intensive Fetal Desecration 03:56
5. Morphogenetic Metamorphosis 04:06
6. Dominion Through Encephalon 03:56
7. Mutation Induced Hyperphagia 03:50
8. Monumental Bacterial Conglomerate 04:01

Released October 7, 2016 by Amputated Vein Records